Stallion Eligibility

BCB Stallion Eligibility

The Blue Collar Breeders Inc. will be accepting 40 Stallions, with an enrollment fee of $5000, the first two years of the program. Following the first two years the stallion owners will vote on how many stallions are allowed the following years with a MAXIMUM of 70 Stallions.

The waiting list can be found HERE with the ‘date updated’ clearly visible at the top of the page.

In the Event a Stallion Dies or is Sold
If a stallion dies and there is frozen semen, stallion can remain in the program per the breed rules on frozen semen. If a stallion dies or becomes sterile, and there is no frozen semen available, the stallion owner can replace said stallion with another stallion as long as the “replacement” stallion has been in the owners name for at least 180 days. The deceased stallion’s foals will be eligible for the incentives.

If a stallion dies and the stallion owner does not have a replacement stallion that fits the criteria above, the next horse on the waiting list at that time is eligible for Blue Collar Breeders Inc. IF the first horse on the waiting list declines, the next stallion on the list is able to enroll, etc.

If a stallion is sold, Blue Collar Breeders Inc. stallion spot can be transferred to the new owner with the stallion. If and when stallion dies or becomes infertile the next stallion on the waiting list becomes eligible for enrollment in to Blue Collar Breeders Inc.

A stallion owner may change stallions, but if the owner switches a stallion, that stallion will not be allowed back in to the program, unless he changes ownership.

Enrollment Fee
The enrollment fee of $5000 can be increased after the first two years with a proposal by the board and 2/3 majority of the stallion owners. If the enrollment fee is increased, all stallion enrollments will increase. The first stallion payment of $2500 is due October 15th and is non-refundable, the second payment of $2500 is due December 1st.

These enrollment fees are non-refundable, but if only half is paid and something happens to the stallion or you wish to switch stallions, please refer to Stallion Eligibility requirements in order to substitute a stallion.

Right Of Refusal
Blue Collar Breeders Inc. reserves the right to refuse to the enrollment of any stallion. Each stallion owner, farm or syndicate will have one vote

Breeder Payout
Horse must have AQHA, APHA or ApHC registration papers and no breeder checks will be written to owner of a stallion that drops out of the program. Breeder checks will drop down and pay the next eligible breeder in placing order.
Any owner of a stallion that drops out of BCB for any reason other than the stallion being sold, deceased or sterile will no longer be eligible to receive breeder payout. If a breeder is not eligible to receiver breeder payout that money will then drop down to the next breeder that is eligible.