About Us


Blue Collar Breeders L.L.C. Is a non-profit incentive, designed to boost the barrel horse industry and pay the breeders for their commitment to the stallions within this program. Blue Collar Breeders LLC is designed to be a transparent organization with a Board of Directors that consists of 9 members all owning stallions that are a part of the program. New board members will be nominated by the board and will be approved by 2/3 majority of the board. The Blue Collar Breeders LLC is the only program of its kind boasting a 100% payback, no foal nomination fee, and a hefty paycheck for the breeders. The following by-laws are in place to insure the integrity of the program. In order for these by-laws to be amended, there will need to be a proposal made by a board member and passed by 2/3 majority of the stallion owners paid in to the program